Do you wish that as a beginner homeschool mom you could have a mentor to help you navigate the unknown world of homeschooling?

When I was a beginner homeschool mom I didn’t know any homeschoolers in real life.

I really wished that I had an experienced homeschool mom to guide and advise me as my family and I began our homeschool journey.

Here’s what I wish I’d known then, that I know now.

Curriculum and Materials

Get step by step instructions for choosing free and inexpensive homeschool materials. Learn how to find all that you need for your homeschool even when you have a tiny budget and feel overwhelmed by all of the choices.

Learn how to find homeschooling materials that are free and inexpensive. Get detailed ways to find all that you need for your homeschool when you have a tiny budget and feel overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.

Learn how to create a custom Homeschool Curriculum Plan that matches your style and family’s needs. Plus get free printable pages to build your own personalized homeschool planner.

Organizational Stategies

Learn what organizational strategies you can use in your homeschool to help your distractable child with ADHD better focus and learn while homeschooling. Perfect for ALL kiddos with or without any special learning needs!

Teaching Reading

First, let’s discuss the differences between phonics, phonology, phonemic awareness and emergent literacy. Then we’ll see how to help your child in these areas.

High School

Freaking out about homeschooling high school? Here’s a series of posts that offer hope and encouragement along with specific strategies to help you and your teens!

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