Homeschooling doesn’t have to be chaotic & frustrating just because you have more than one kiddo.

Learn from a homeschooling mom of 6 how to use family-style schooling to create happy, relaxed, & customized learning that meets your kids at their learning level! ❤️

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What others are saying about Whole Child Homeschool

“The kids loved doing some of the polar express unit today. What an awesome blessing to find your info out there. You are so correct about spending so much time researching for fun ideas!! I have a 6th grader, 4th grader, and 1st grader (who is doing 2nd and 3rd-grade work), plus a preschooler. I will be using so many of your ideas and printouts in the future.”

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Homeschool Mom

“Although I am not a homeschool mom, I could so relate to what you are saying about the different ability levels and not being able to be with everyone at once. I teach high needs middle school age students. Their developmental levels range from “age 18 months” to “scattered mid-elementary academics with a whole lot of street smarts”. I am required by the state of VA to cover the state standards for middle school age students with all of them! In order to do this, I have set up units that have three levels of learning. I love your Oregon Trail Unit and can’t wait to put it to good use.”

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Public School Teacher

“Thank you for all your encouragement. I find myself homeschooling again after I thought I was past that. But God is faithful. Having a child late in life after my older children we’re grown has been a blessing beyond measure. Not only did we homeschool our older children, but now we get to share it with our grandchildren also. Your units are amazing and ALL your hard work is a blessing to others. Thank you for sharing your gift with others.”

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Homeschool Mom & Grandma

“I’m a new member to your tribe. As a retired elementary teacher and principal, I really appreciate what you’ve created and how you’re supporting so many of us. I’m completely out of touch with the network of homeschooling and your site has really helped. Right now I’m homeschooling two of my grandkiddos because of Covid, however, we’re loving it and may just continue on. Thank you so much!

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Accidental Homeschooler

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