Jesus follower.

Nacho Lover.

Nap Taker.

Book reader.

Cricut crafter.

Married for over half my life.

Mamma to six: three that I carried in my tummy and three that I fostered in my heart. There are twenty years between the oldest and the youngest, which means I’ll have home schooled for 33 years when the youngest graduates high school. All six of my children have special learning needs.

My husband and I prioritize family activities such as 4-H, home school co-op, and family traditions (such as Sunday night popcorn) over many different individual activities in order to create a strong family environment.

My love language is cooking from scratch and feeding all the people in my life. My second favorite endeavor is teaching leadership skills to tweens and teens through 4-H and our home school co-op. I can plan a party for 100 teenagers with one hand tied behind my back, but please don’t make me give a speech to a large group of strangers!

I have a master’s degree in Communication Disorders and am licensed to practice Speech-Language Pathology. Although I’ve worked in many different settings, early childhood special education is my favorite.