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Thankful for Homeschooling Freedoms

I hope this Gratitude for Homeschooling Freedoms is a source of encouragement for you as we head into the holiday season of what has been a most unusual and often stressful year.

No matter how rough our year has been, we still have our homeschooling freedoms and blessings. And so we can give thanks that those of us in America have the right to educate our own children according to our beliefs.

gratitude for homeschooling freedoms november

November Trends

A popular trend the past few Novembers is to post daily on social media during the month things for which we are thankful or grateful.

(Another popular trend in November is No-Shave November which my husband loves even though the kids tell him it makes him look “really, really old!”. 😊)

The popularity of living the simple life, having a gratitude tree, and posting our blessings have certainly made us more aware that we should be grateful for what we have.

But there’s also the meme:

“BLACK FRIDAY: Because only in America do we wait in line and trample others for sale items one day after giving thanks for what we already have.”

gratitude for homeschooling freedoms

It’s funny because it’s true. And it is such a sad comment on our culture.

Despite the many advantages and comforts that we have been given, we are always seeking that elusive “something more” that would make our life more complete or easier or (fill-in-the-blank with your own adjective).

Most of us struggle to find contentment with what we already have, at least part of the time, right?

However, I kind of suspect more homeschooling families are content and thankful than the average traditional schooling family. Most of us live on a single-income. So we have learned to give up the “extras” in return for giving our children the best childhoods and education that we can.

Freedom to Homeschool

Homeschooling families also know how precious it is to have our homeschooling freedoms. These freedoms allow us the ability to educate our children in ways that are best for them.

A generation ago parents did not have the same homeschooling opportunities that we do now. Many of the homeschooling pioneers in the 1980s had to fight for their parental rights just to legally educate their children. They didn’t have internet groups like our Whole Family Homeschooling group, downloadable resources, like our Free Resource Library, or even local community support!

I never would have dreamed twenty years ago when my family started homeschooling that homeschooling would become trendy and almost mainstream!

Thankful for Homeschooling Freedoms

However, just because homeschooling is very popular in the U.S. right now, doesn’t mean that we should take it for granted. There are still many places in the world in which educating your own children is illegal.

You may remember the story a few years ago about the German family, the Romeike’s, who fled to the USA from Germany. They faced the removal of their children, as well as imprisonment, for homeschooling their children in Germany. Other families in Europe have also faced similar persecution for choosing home education.

This November as we gather with our families for Thanksgiving, please take a moment to pray for persecuted homeschooling families in other countries.

grateful for homeschooling freedoms

Thankful for Homeschooling Parents

I’m particularly thankful for homeschooling parents who are willing to sacrifice their time, resources, and talents not only for their own children but also for the other families in their homeschool communities, co-op activities, and classes when they volunteer to chaperone, coach, support or teach. Thank you one and all.

This year, I am so very thankful for both the ability to continue homeschooling my kids and the opportunity to help other homeschooling parents in their journey through this website and our Facebook group, Whole Family Homeschooling.

Gratitude & Blessings of 2021

And so to show my appreciation for all of you who make up the Whole Child Homeschool Tribe, I have a gift for you!

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Homeschool Mom Life Daily Planner

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    I hope and pray for contentment and peace for all of us and for continued homeschooling freedoms to educate our children.

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    gratitude for homeschooling freedoms
    gratitude for homeschooling freedoms

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