Study American History with Movies

How to Study American History with Movies for Homeschool Families Times are changing…History is being made Homeschooling families need to meet their teens where they are–in a culture that is largely visual and video-driven. One way to do that is through teaching history with movies. Twenty years ago homeschooling parents thought there was only way…

Davy & the Alamo for Secondary Learners

Discover the real Davy Crockett and the battle of the Alamo. Build a potato cannon, write an obituary and more in this hands-on homeschool Davy & the Alamo unit study for middle & high school homeschoolers. Full STEAM, English Language Arts (ELA), history, living books, and more! Original science and writing printables free for subscribers (and subscribing is free, too!)

Snow Sensory Bins

Learn how EASY it is to make fake snow as well as four different snow sensory bins that will help your kids get their wiggles out on snow days! #winter #snowman #sensory #sensorybin #snow #fakesnow

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