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Summertime Math: Printable Math Pattern Worksheets

Print out these Printable Math Pattern Worksheet for your kiddos today for a fun and educational summer learning activity.

Incorporate some math, logic, fine motor, and visual-spatial work into your sensory bin by adding in a printable math pattern worksheet.

You can create this fun summer activity in just 3 easy steps!

This open-ended math patterning activity can be used with any theme of mini-erasers.

This set of printable math pattern worksheets has 10 different patterns, with increasing difficulty. For example, they start with these patterns and continue in their complexity ABAB, ABCABC, ABBABB, AABAAB, and so forth. Once your child masters a level, let them try the next level in the set of worksheets.

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Step 1: Just print out the Summer Math Patterns Practice Packet (say that three times fast! 😊) from the Whole Child Homeschool Resource Store (it’s FREE!).

Step 2: Place a worksheet, mini-erasers and a pair of tongs (optional) on a cookie sheet.

Step 3: Show your kiddo how to do the pattern. Here’s a video of my youngest and I working on Level 1 of the pattern worksheets to help you see how to teach patterns.

Get Your Printable Math Pattern Worksheet

These fun summer pattern worksheets are perfect for your preschooler, kindergarteners, & 1st graders to work on their math, visual-perceptual, and language skills this season!

Grab yours from the Whole Child Homeschool Resource Store today!

Purchases from the Resource Store help to support my family so that I can continue to offer high-quality homeschooling resources for your family–including freebies! 😊 Thank you for your support!

FYI: Why do I use mini erasers? They are cheap and come in sets with multiples of the same erasers. That makes them perfect for this activity. The dollar spot at Target almost always has seasonal sets of mini erasers.

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