Davy & the Alamo Curriculum Bundle


A Davy & the Alamo Family Unit Study Curriculum Plan Bundle:

Daily lesson plans schedule

Detailed daily instructions

Printable book list, organized by learning level.

Interactive links that take you directly to related videos.

All the printables that go with the unit.

For your whole family, preschool up to high school.


The Davy & the Alamo Family Unit Study Curriculum Bundle is an easy to use two-week-long plan for your whole family.

It has lessons and activities for the whole family, all the way from preschool up to high school!

Eliminate the hassle of wading through all of the history books at your local library! Use the included recommended book list of vetted resources to gather all the books you’ll need.

No more wasting time trying to piece together music and poetry and folktales to go with your unit study.

Or trying to find quality STEAM projects.

It’s already done for you with easy to follow daily lessons plans laid out in a grid format along with detailed instructions for each day.

This unit is FILLED with FUN, hands-on projects like:

Find out what a flintlock is and how it works.

Build a potato launcher.

Learn about forensics and interior & exterior ballistics.

Create an embroidery sampler.

Build a model of the Alamo.

Build a squirrel feeder.

Learn new words like varmit and discombobulated.

No boring tests, just exciting, hands-on learning.

This Davy & the Alamo Unit Study Curriculum Bundle has everything you need except for your daily math. It includes:











and Motor Skills activities.

It coordinates with our Primary, Intermediate & Secondary Levels of Davy & the Alamo Unit Study.


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