Do your kids LOVE to watch their favorite Christmas movies just so they can quote their favorite lines?

My kids even find ways to work those favorite Christmas movie quotes into conversation all year long!

They can’t be the only ones.

Please tell me they aren’t the only ones. ❓

So I decided to use their love (obsession?) to work for my homeschool mom agenda: Grammar! 😊

Christmas movie quotes

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How to Use the Copywork & Narration Grammar Printables

After you’ve printed out the Christmas movie quotes worksheets for your kids (below), select the quote you’ll be working on that day.

First, read the quote to your child (without showing it to them). Do they know which movie it’s from?

Then read a few words at a time to them while they write it down; this is the narration part of the assignment.

After your child has written the sentence as narration work, let her see the original to check it with her work. Have her correct her work, so that she knows how it should look.

Talk about what corrections needed to be made and why certain punctuation was used.

Then have him re-write the selection in his very best handwriting as the copywork half of the assignment.

Not sure about buying the packet? Try a sample page for free! Get the Free Christmas Movie Quotes: Grammar sample in the Free Resource Library.

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Christmas movie quotes
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