Lewis & Clark Corps of Discovery for Secondary Learners

Family style homeschooling unit study for Early American History: Westward Expansion for Middle and High school homeschool students. Mix and match lessons with the two lower level units to create a custom curriculum that’s perfect for your kids! Lot of practical arts, hands-on lessons and activities. Everything you need except daily math!

How to Start a Local Teen Homeschool Group

Some communities are blessed with vibrant homeschooling co-ops with hundreds of families with every type of academic, athletic and social activity you can imagine. But many of us don’t have access to such incredible resources. Learn how to start a local teen homeschool group and why it’s so important for your teens be surrounded by other teens with similar values.

But What about High School? Hope and Help for Homeschooling High School

When my kids were little, people always asked me, “But what about high school? You’ll send them to school, then, right?” My oldest two have graduated high school, and my third kiddo is about to begin high school. So, I have been pondering what I wish I’d known nine years ago and what I might do differently this time. Here’s my list of what I’ve learned about homeschooling high school so far:

Rockets & Spacecraft Unit for Primary Learners

A Themed Family School Unit Study for Morning Time and More These activities are a part of a series of posts about Astronomy and Astronauts. This rockets and spacecraft unit study is for a family style morning time. Each weekly theme has activities for Primary (preschool to 2nd grade), Intermediate (3rd to 5th grade), and…

Language development in toddlers and preschoolers

Worried about your child’s language development? Does your 24 month old only have a few words? Find out if you should seek professional advice Before I became a homeschooling mom, I was a speech-language pathologist, aka speech therapist. As an undergraduate in the Communication Disorders program, I was required to take a language development class…

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